TICFOG - Louisiana Tactical InterOp Comm Field Ops Guide

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Developer: 4CYTE, LLC

The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, pursuant of the responsibility to protect the citizens of Louisiana during times of need and provide tools valuable to emergency service responders and agencies, releases the Tactical InterOperable Communications Field Operations Guide (TICFOG) smart phone app. This app provides agencies, citizens of Louisiana and other interested parties’ access to important network guidelines and communication information in the event of a security or natural disaster event.

•Universal iOS 4.0 and later compatible app
•Comprehensive access to Tactical Interoperable Communications info:
oInterOp Commonalities
oLouisiana specific guidelines
oChannel Guide
oReference Links
oGlossary & Terms
•Share information with others using integrated email feature
•Integrated access to the LA Tactical Interoperable Communications Network website using the .org button

Future Updates
•Editable Channel Guides Table(s)
•Pinch & Zoom on Channel Guide images
•ICS Form 205 Form for data collecti